Friday, December 30, 2016

Miranda Otto - gray satin blouse

"Homeland" actress. credit belongs to That's it for today. until next time.

Leah Remini - maroon silk bow blouse

Leah Remini - white satin blouse

Victoria Bekham - navy satin suit

Reese Witherspoon - navy satin blouse-dress

Kim Kardashian - black satin blouse & leather skirt

Gigi Hadid - white satin blouse

Jessica Chastain - blue satin robe

Julianna Margulies - green satin turtleneck

Kate Moss - blue satin blouse

Naomi Watts - white satin blouse

Sharon Stone - white satin blouse-dress

Joan Collins - blue satin blouse

blythe danner - gray satin blouse

actress and mother of Gwenyth Paltrow

Barbara Eden - white satin blouse

the genie on the 60s tv show "I Dream of Jeanie"

Donna Mills - gold satin blouse

Etta James - cream satin blouse

legendary jazz singer

Katie Holmes - 2 pictures

Wiona Ryder - black satin dress

Sunny (WWE diva) in brown satin blouse

wwe diva during the 1990s