Friday, April 14, 2017

maria shriver - green satin blouse-dress

author, anchor, and former wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger. That's it for today. until next time.

Paula Zhan - dark red satin blouse

Alex Flanagan - blue satin bow blouse

NFL Network reporter

suzanne sena - white satin blouse

former fox news anchor

Bobbie Thomas - white silk blouse

nbc fashion expert

debbie matenopoulos - red silk blouse & black leather skirt

former co-host on the View

Nicole Malliotakis - purple satin ruffled blouse

conservative pundit on fox news 4/8/2017

Heidi Przybyla - green satin blouse

cbs anchor

ED Hill - silver satin blouse under suit

former fox news & cnn host

layla kayleigh - magenta satin suit

Tameron Hall - purple satin bow blouse again

michelle callahan - pink satin blouse

Oprah show

michelle callahan - various pictures

relationship expert

Tracey Cox - various satin blouses

sex therapist

shannon fox - various satin blouses

liz vaccariello - gold satin blouse

"The Doctors" tv show

dr karen ruskin - blue satin blouse

relationship expert

dr sari locker - various satin blouses

tv sexologist